Are There Ways to Tell if Your Roof Was Damaged in a Storm?

Lightning storm at night

When a storm hits your area, it’s common to be concerned that your roof may have sustained damage. This is especially true if you see branches, trees or hail scattered about the ground. If there is damage to your roof, you’ll need to contact your insurance and a roofing company, so you want to be […]

Will My New Roof Be Covered By Insurance?

Roofer working on replacement asphalt shingle roof construction

Insurance companies know exactly how important a healthy roof is when it comes to protecting assets and lives. They literally protect the insurance company from having to make huge payouts to homeowners due to roof failure, so they like to be sure roofs are healthy. Additionally, they’d prefer to payout a small amount to repair […]

With winter in the rear-view mirror…

Now is the time to think about your home or business’ roof before spring and summer storms threaten to reveal any risks or weaknesses. As the snow begins to melt in many parts of the country, now is the time to clean up for spring. Winter weather can be a shingle’s enemy (especially in areas […]