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Will My New Roof Be Covered By Insurance?

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Insurance companies know exactly how important a healthy roof is when it comes to protecting assets and lives. They literally protect the insurance company from having to make huge payouts to homeowners due to roof failure, so they like to be sure roofs are healthy. Additionally, they’d prefer to payout a small amount to repair damages right now than to pay for a full replacement plus internal damages later on.  

Over recent years, insurance companies have begun restricting some roof coverage, including no coverage for older roofs. However, that depends on your policy and provider. Now, with all this confusing information in mind, let’s discuss what may and may not be covered when it comes to a new roof.  


Each policy is different, but dwelling coverage included in your homeowners insurance is intended to protect the physical structure of the home from damages sustained by an “act of God”. This means that hail damage, flooding, fires and other weather-related incidences are usually covered. fire, hail, wind or other weather event.  


As we’ve mentioned before, policies vary. However, there is usually a deductible that needs to be paid out prior to insurance paying the remainder of the cost of repairs and replacement. Additionally, there’s typically a coverage limit. This means you need to understand your policy completely in order to know exactly what is and is not covered. 


Barring any explicit exclusions in your coverage, as long as the leak is the result of an act of God, it should be covered.  


Again, every policy is different (are you sick of hearing this yet?). Things that are usually not covered by insurance are natural wear and tear from age, and any damages caused by neglect. Accidental and sudden damage tends to be what policies cover, but be sure to be familiar with your policy before making any calls. 

If you’re in need of a roof replacement or have insurance coverage questions, call Up On The Rooftop today to discuss your situation. We’re here to guide you through the entire roofing process, no matter what you need. Give us a call today to get started!

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